The Perfect Car For Long Journeys

The Mazda6 has proved a popular car in Australia this year. With its sleek yet still traditional appearance and good fuel economy, as well as ample luggage space, it is perfectly suited for family trips or long distance travel.

Indeed, after being set a challenge, it was the Mazda6 that was recently used by Feann Torr of to traverse the huge expanse that is Australia, starting in Brisbane and finishing in Perth, via the Outback in 5 days.

Australia’s size is legendary; a popular piece of geography trivia states that you can fit Europe into Australia. Crossing the country is the equivalent of crossing continents in other parts of the world. Of course the quickest way to cross the country is by air. However the best way to see the real Australia in its entirety is by travelling through the Outback, which offers a unique driving experience with sights, landmarks and potential hazards that could not be seen anywhere else in the world.

The Mazda6 proved a reliable and comfortable host for the journey. From the Queensland coast to West Australia is a mighty undertaking, emphasised by figures in this infographic such as distance covered, fuel consumed and its equivalent in cola. The numbers involved are eye popping.

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