Thinking Of Summer. Holiday Essentials To Keep You Feeling Bright This Winter

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Do you have a winter vacation planned? Or, are you just taking advantage of the sales and stocking up for your summer vacation next year? Whatever way you do it, there’s no better way to get your head out of the cold than looking ahead to the sun. It can be hard, though, when you’re wrapping up in scarves, to get yourself into that summer headspace. Fear not! This holiday fashion checklist should get your head back in that sunshine game straight away. Take the time to perfect your winter vacation wardrobe!


What vacation wardrobe is complete without swimwear? You need something to wear while you sun on that beach, after all. Whether you go for swimsuits or bikinis, make sure you’re picking something that will look great on you. You may not feel like trying swimwear on when it’s pouring with rain outside. Still, it’s essential that you try everything on. You don’t want to get onto the beach and find your new swimsuit sags in all the wrong places. When shopping for swimwear, keep your skin tone in mind. If you have warm skin, neutral and earthy colours will look great on you. If you have cooler skin tones, go for rich, dark colours.

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Dresses are another essential for your list. Dresses are great. They’re an outfit in themselves and can save you the added weight you don’t need in your suitcase. Remember, there are strict baggage restrictions. The more space you have in your case when you go, the more you can bring back with you! Bear in mind how hot your chosen destination is going to be when you’re buying dresses. If you’re going somewhere scorching hot, pick sheer dresses that won’t add heat. If you’re going somewhere cooler, a thicker dress will work well. Don’t forget to stock up on some evening dresses too! You’ll probably be hitting the town in the evenings, and you won’t want to go there wearing your day wear.


Spare some thought for your feet too! Stock up on sandals for protecting your feet while you’re on the beach! During the day, you’re going to want shoes that you can slip off. After all, once you reach your beach destination, you’re going to want to go bare foot. Don’t pick shoes that are going to take a lifetime to undo. Stock up on some footwear to suit those glamorous evening outfits too. Use this an excuse to buy those high heels you’ve had your eye on. Remember baggage allowance here, as well. Take shoes that will go with a few of your outfits. You aren’t going to have room for a different pair of shoes every day!


Spare a thought for sunglasses, too. You’re going to be wearing these every day, remember. Find a pair that complements your outfits. Stick to a pair that is going to match with many things. Neutral colours or a black pair are sure to become a staple of your holiday wardrobe!



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