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Three Must Haves for Your Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower lets your friends and loved ones celebrate the birth of your new baby with you. While you can register for gifts like baby Red Sox gear and crib sheets, you can also encourage guests to make their own gifts, give you things they think you need or even pass along gift cards and money that you can use later. When it comes time to start the planning phase, there are a few simple must haves that you need for your baby shower.

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Activities for Guests

A baby shower that does not offer activities may leave your guests sitting around in silence until you open your gifts or serve food. Try planning a few simple and fun activities that help your guests have a great time. One game requires different types of baby food. Guests take turns sampling each jar and trying to guess the flavor. You can also ask guests to bring their own baby pictures and play a game that asks everyone to guess who is in each picture.

Gift Table

Though you may think that you don’t need a dedicated gift table, you’ll likely change your name once the guests start arriving. If each person brings even the smallest of gifts, you’ll quickly find yourself running out of space. Set a small table off to one side that you cover and mark as the gift table. This lets them know where to put their gifts as soon as they get to the shower. You can also set out a decorated shoe box or another small box with a hole in the top to hold cards, money and gift cards that your guests bring.

Food and Drinks

Make your baby shower even more memorable with the right food and drinks. The type of food that you serve often depends on the time of the day. A brunch menu is great for an early afternoon shower and can include dishes like fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and cucumber sandwiches. If your shower takes place in the middle of two main meals, you might stick to simple appetizers and easy to eat dishes. You can even request that your guests bring a dish to share and have a potluck baby shower. With the right food and drinks, a dedicated gift table and some fun activities, your guests will have a blast at your shower.

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