Tips when choosing your precious rings

There are several important considerations when choosing wedding and engagement rings. A few of these are the ring setting and the size of the diamond you are looking for. Other features such as diamond cut, value and diamond color also matter. Another aspect of choosing rings is the metal that the diamond or other precious stones are set in.


Ring Setting

There are various ring settings. The most well-liked are the solitaire engagement ring setting, the channel setting and the Bezel setting. The three-stone setting and the halo ring setting are also becoming popular nowadays. Channel set diamonds are also chic and trendy and so are vintage-looking ring settings.

Diamond Size and Cut

In a three-stone engagement ring, the diamonds don’t need to be as large as the single diamond in a solitaire setting. The Bezel setting overlaps a diamond slightly all around its outer edge. The overall size of this setting makes a single diamond look larger, as does the halo ring setting.

Diamond Value and Color

A “J” or “K” colored diamond is slightly yellow. However, by setting this diamond in a yellow-gold-lined basket setting, the diamond will look like a fancy yellow diamond that was priced at thousands of dollars more than the couple actually paid for the diamond. This is one way to get more value in the diamond you choose.

White Gold versus Platinum

Rhodium-covered white gold or Sterling silver look identical to platinum. If a couple is big on love, but small on money, they could begin with a rhodium-covered silver ring setting.

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