Ways of taking care your Body Jewelry

Accessorizing these days is far beyond the usual earring-ring-bracelet-necklace combination. A lot of people already embraced the existence of body piercings and all other forms of body jewelry. Once you decide to have one, it is very important to know how to take care of it for it to last and for your safety as well.

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Before anything else, make sure that you’re getting your body jewelry in a specialized and reputable store. In places like these you can be assured that all their equipment are sterilized and clean thus infection is less likely to happen. It’s just normal to visualize some slight redness right after getting the piercing but it should not last for several weeks especially if it is on the earlobe. If it does, do not hesitate to seek for medical help.

When the piercing is still new, do not touch the area without disinfecting your hands. A pierce is also considered a wound and your dirty hands might introduce bacteria into it.

The area can be painful in the first few weeks but do not apply just any ointment or cream to it, instead, consult the shop where you got it. In fact, some shops are already including the appropriate creams in their packages.


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