3 Ways You’ll Regret Wasting Money On Your Wedding Day

Don’t regret wasting money on the following four things when it comes to your wedding day


Regret Number 1: Not Making Your Own Decorations and Confetti

Because it is so in demand and looks quite hard to make, wedding decorations are extortionately expensive. Just ten bunting reams can cost you upwards of £100. Whether you’re getting married on a budget or not, that is still a ridiculous price. So, make your own. All you need is some pretty paper and some string! Use scissors you have already at home, and make your stencil from the front page of an old magazine. You can just buy a single roll of wallpaper and use that! Or cut out triangles from a travel magazine, or a world map, or a cheap charity shop book! Use the same things to make your own confetti; you’ll just need a heart or flower shaped stamp to make this.

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Regret Number 2: Wasting Money On Poorly Made Invitations

This is a mistake that couples make time and time again. They try and cut corners on their wedding invitations. Perhaps they try and make them themselves, hire a friend to do them, or use a cheap company. However, this almost always ends up backfiring. You simply can’t mimic quality. You will waste money by throwing away your first attempt- and then needing to order professional ones after all. Your wedding invitation is the first impression of your big day that your guests will get. Decorations can be imperfect, and it won’t matter, but it will with the invites. So do it properly! Before you do order from a professional company, order some Wedding invitation samples. This is a fantastic way to see how they look in person. Check out the quality of printing, and how the ink looks on the page. If there are appliques or extra bits stuck on, check how sturdy they are and how neat any glue or adhesive looks. You can also have a feel of the paper or material used. All of these things give you a really clear picture of how your final invitations will look.

Regret Number 3: Spending A Month’s Wages On Your Shoes

There is a caveat for this regret; if you are wearing a short or knee-length wedding dress. These are relatively rare, but they do exist, and you may have chosen one for yourself. If this is the case, feel free to splash out on your wedding shoes if you want to. They will be on show for the whole day. They will be in all of your pictures. And if shoes are your thing, great.

However, there is a pretty good chance you will regret spending a month’s wages on shoes if you’re wearing a long dress. Why? Because you will hardly see them! Dress underskirts are made these days to allow you to walk without needing to lift it up. This means your hands are free to hold your bouquet, or to link arms or to hold hands. It also means that you don’t show your shoes. Even when you are sitting down, if your dress is big enough you still won’t see them. So, save your money. Get a cheaper pair. There are much wiser ways to spend that hard earned money- trust me!

White Wedding Shoes For That Special Wedding Day

Regret Number 4: Fancy Food Nobody Likes Anyway

Finally, let’s get real. Will your guest’s day really be dramatically improved with a Michelin-star chefs 8-course meal? No… we didn’t think so! Your wedding day is about love, and union, and family. It is not about melon wrapped in parma ham and miniature souffles.

Sure, if you want a traditional, sit-down meal, that’s fine. Your guests will love it, and you may really like the formality of it. But know where to draw the line. 3-courses is ample. Any more is just a bit silly.

If you want to do away with the course altogether, let this be a reassurance that you can. There are so many alternative catering options out there now. Some are way more affordable and yet just as tasty. How about, in the evening, you have a fish and chip van come and do a delivery? Who doesn’t love fish and chips after all- and you’re catering to vegetarians and Halal eaters! Food like this is a great idea if you have a younger crowd dominating your wedding. They are even less likely to care about the meal than older generations are! Pizza vans and burger vans are also an option, and both are highly likely to be far cheaper than the alternative!


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