Creating a kid friendly yard

A backyard is the best place for your children to play. You have to work at it to make sure your yard is kid friendly. Some children get a lot of entertainment out of running around aimlessly or chasing each other, but those two activities will keep them occupied only for so long. Children have short attention spans, so you have to have enough in your yard to keep them from getting bored. The classic options for making your yard ideal for children are setting up a playground and putting in a sandbox. Some playgrounds allow you to have sand on the ground. Most of them require the use of wood chips. It’s recommended that you choose sand because it provides more of a cushion when your children fall and doesn’t have nearly as many sharp edges as wood chips. There’s nothing wrong with having an additional sandbox at some other spot in your yard. Your yard will become a sensation throughout the neighborhood and your children will be popular among their friends. Most of all you won’t have to worry about your kids getting bored.


You should not limit yourself to these pieces of yard equipment though. Both of them will only take up a small section of your yard. You will need additional implements to fill up the remaining space. A croquet course is an option if you have older children. If your yard is big enough, you could set up a basketball court or a baseball field. It’s important that home plate is facing the opposite direction from your house. The last thing you would want is for your child to hit a ball straight into your windows. Your best friend in creating a kid friendly yard is the imagination of your children. A child with a great imagination won’t need anything to entertain them. If their imagination isn’t the best, you could always go with Little Tikes outdoor doors. Children have been playing with toys from Little Tikes for generations. While their offerings might seem simple compared to the electronic gadgets we have today, they’re simple in a good way. They provide your children with the most entertainment imaginable with minimal effort.

It doesn’t matter what you put in your yard as long as you’re successful in getting your children to go outside. It’s more challenging than ever to motivate children to enjoy the outdoors because of all the conveniences they have inside. Their friends are more interested in playing video games than they are playing tag. If your yard is successful enough, it could bring the video game-loving children out of their houses and into the sunshine. Your children’s new active lifestyles will rub off on everyone around them. You could even start a trend of sorts in your neighborhood that will improve the health of all the children within its borders. You should have a great yard if you set up a playground, put in a sandbox, and invest in some outdoor toys. It’s not as difficult to make your yard kid friendly as some people might have you believe.


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  1. that’s why playgrounds are abundant here. they encourage kids to play outside and see nature. sandboxes are also present in all playgrounds. unfortunately we don’t have space for those outdoor toys so we just go to the playground nearby.

  2. For the lack of yards (our flat being on the 9th floor), I thank the city government for providing playgrounds for kids and other Fun Parks for families to enjoy. There are always different installations but a slide, swing and those are always present…and tomorrow is holiday, we’re sure to go out and play 😉

  3. if only we have an additional place outside, I wuold certainly bought something like this for my daughter 😀

  4. Kids nowadays need more physical activity than glued themselves to their gadgets of all kinds.
    With this invention, children will be motivated really to play outdoors 🙂

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