Choosing The Best Metal For Your Engagement Ring

Best Metal For Your Engagement Ring
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When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, there are lots of different choices to make. You can choose the style of ring, the settings, the precious stones, and the type of metal used to make the ring. It is an essential part of the process to choose the best metal for your ring, and below you can see some advice to help you make the right decision.


Gold is the traditional metal that is used for most types of engagement and wedding rings, so it is a firm favourite with people. There are different types of gold available such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and green gold, and each of these has differing properties. You will want 70-75% pure gold, or 18 carats, as anything purer than this is too soft and will get damaged easily. Rose gold is an excellent choice as this colour goes with just about any skin tone. For a wide selection of rings in different types of metal, make sure to visit The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane.


Platinum is also a trendy choice as this metal is very hard wearing, making it very durable. Usually 95% pure, platinum is a rare white metal which is also hypoallergenic, which means that it is safe to wear for even the most sensitive skin types. Although all metals scratch, platinum can withstand years of wear and tear, and very little metal is lost if it does get scratched.


Palladium is a metal which belongs to the same family as platinum, which means this is also a hard metal which stands up to the test of time. It is a dense metal and rings are usually 95% pure, and this is also another rare metal and has a similar price to white gold. Palladium needs very little maintenance unlike platinum and white gold, and the silver coloured metal is perfect for diamonds and colourful gemstones.

Sterling Silver

Silver has been used for jewellery for thousands of years, just as gold, but is the most affordable of all the different precious metals available. It is usually 92.5% pure and is a hard-wearing metal that will require some maintenance as it is prone to scratching and can tarnish if not cleaned regularly. The colour of silver can vary from shining white to a greyish white, and you can have a shiny, smooth texture, or one that is matte.


Titanium is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings, and just as with platinum, it is hypoallergenic and very hard-wearing. The metal is surprisingly light and has a darker colour than platinum, and it is easy to keep in excellent condition. It is unlikely to tarnish, and if the ring does get scratched, you can easily have these polished out. For more information on this precious metal, you can check out online jewellery shops or contact a reputable shop.

To know more about the details of the different types of metal you can use for your engagement ring, you can check out metal glossaries available online. Above are some of the most popular metals that are used for wedding and engagement rings, but there are also others such as tungsten, zirconium, and even steel. Familiarising yourself about these metals will help you decide on what is best to use for the engagement ring.

Spotting The Various Engagement Ring Styles Available


engagement ring styles

There are several engagement ring styles to suit the styles and preferences of just about anyone. We are sure that if you have been seriously contemplating popping the question, you have started to consider what styles your partner may fall in love with.

With so many out there though, the choice initially can seem a little overwhelming. From vintage to modern, elegant to avant-garde, there can be a lot to think about. If you’re stuck on where to get started, Kalmar Antiques has a selection of vintage engagement rings in Sydney.

First things first, let’s look further into some of the styles available so you get a clearer picture of what’s out there. Knowing the choice will give you a clearer idea of what will suit your loved one.

Is she more traditional and elegant?

There are some people that prefer timeless elegance and enjoy rings that keep it simple. If this is the case, your partner may want a traditional solitaire setting that is a no-fuss engagement ring showcasing the diamond.

Other elegant settings may include the basket or trellis which sets the diamond lower, giving a more refined look. A row of diamonds on a pretty silver or gold band is also a typically traditional style that will go down a treat. Something more classical is very script-like, nothing is out of place but will feature something more like a round diamond with a gold band.

Something trendy and more unique

Maybe your loved one prefers something a little more outgoing that boasts glitz and glamour. You should get a good idea with their everyday jewellery and if it is very glamorous, consider a setting that positions the diamond higher. This will show the stone off in all its glory and allow for maximum sparkle and reflectivity.

Free spirited and natural engagement ring styles  

If your partner is more of the outdoors, free spirit type then they may want a more organic looking engagement ring. There are certain settings that incorporate leaves, flowers and natural elements to position the diamond or gemstone.

Hopelessly Romantic

For the romantic at heart, you will want to go for a more vintage style ring. These timeless designs will be featured in antique collections. The styles can range from featuring a dainty band to something more intricate but will all be completely unique.

Contemporary style

The modern engagement rings are more for those into more progressive styles that have less traditional designs. They will be more experimental and could have thinner bands or settings where the diamond is not in the centre.

Modern style breaks free of the previous era’s designs and challenges the norm for traditional engagement rings. Think cleaner lines with a more industrial feel. You might also find more colours in contemporary engagement ring styles for the stones.

Now you know some of the styles, you will be able to navigate the search process with more knowledge and confidence.



The Best Place To Buy Your Engagement Ring – Online Vs In-Store

Buy Your Engagement Ring

Should you buy your engagement ring online or in a store? Buying online saves a great deal of time and effort, but you need to ensure the site is trustworthy. As for physical stores, you need to ensure you’re not being take for granted with smooth-talking salespeople who jack up the price.

But, both options can, and do work. Here’s how they compare.

Buying an Engagement Ring Online

You really can’t beat the selection of online rings when you check out Certified Diamond Network in Sydney, Australia. When you shop for engagement rings online, you don’t have to deal with over-eager salespeople. What’s more, while there is a wide variety of rings, online retailers don’t hold as much inventory which means they save on overheads and you enjoy lower prices. Also, online stores tend to have solid refund policies (just check the fine print before you buy a ring).

There are downsides to shopping for an engagement ring online, too. Widely, the internet is an unregulated marketplace with both reputable and scheming merchants selling good and blood diamonds and you could end up making a very expensive decision. Be sure to carefully check out customer testimonials along with online ratings.

Buying an Engagement Ring from a Physical Store

One massive advantage buying a ring from a store over online offers is that you can view the diamond in person before making a purchasing decision. You’ll get to sift through the different options or discuss bespoke rings within your budget, and the staff may educate you on the 4 C’s and which are the most important in terms of budget and style.

What’s more, you can walk out with a ring once you’ve picked one. Physical stores often offer great credit plans and long-term financing, too. When you buy an engagement ring from a store, you’ll also have somewhere to go for sizing, prong tightening, and cleaning.

Just like buying an engagement ring online, though, buying a ring from a brick and mortar store has its disadvantages. Most stores have the goal of selling to you as opposed to educating you. Many salespeople may not be well-informed, and misinformation can lead to being misled. What’s more, physical stores have high overheads. They have larger inventories, a team of employees, rent, and other bills to cover. And, that means the rings may be more expensive than if you were to purchase one online.

Keep in mind, if you choose to head to a jewellery store for your engagement ring, that the store’s reputation is a great measure of its quality. But, it’s not a guarantee that the diamond is the perfect pick for you. It’s like clothing. Even the most glitzy brand can look unsightly on some people.

See the jeweller’s contact information to discuss your ideal engagement ring.


Whether you want to buy your ring online or from a store, begin by asking people you know for recommendations and references. Talk to people who have bought from both options so that you can make an informed decision and purchase.

Ensuring That She Will Love The Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring to propose to your partner, with it can be a daunting task deciding which ring to buy as there is so much choice available to you. If you have not done so already, you will need to do a bit of digging and find out what it is that they want in an engagement ring. You may need to solicit the help of friends and family as well, as long as they do not let it slip and spoil the surprise of you asking.

Engagement Ring

Get Some Help From Friends And Family

Even if you think you know what your partner likes in an engagement ring, it is always worth your while in getting a second opinion. You need to be careful as it will need to be someone that is close to your partner, so you need to avoid anything suspicious. Whether it is their best friend, or their mum or sister, taking a look at some engagement ideas with them and getting their opinion can help immensely. You can get some excellent ideas for engagement rings on the Pinterest website which will get you started on finding the perfect ring for the love of your life.

Keep In Mind Their Lifestyle

You may wish to give your hopefully future wife a ring with large diamonds in, but it is essential that you make sure that the ring is going to be practical for wearing every day. Although big and flashy rings are beautiful, they can sometimes be impractical to wear during everyday activities, and you run the risk of snagging it and even potentially damaging the ring.

Stretch Your Budget

When you have an idea of what style of a ring would melt the heart of your partner, you can then start shopping for the ring. You can do this the conventional way by visiting all of your local jewellery stores, or you could shop from the comfort of your home and see what is available on websites such as You can often get keen deals when you browse around online, and it is an excellent way to stretching your money and getting more bang for your buck. You might even look at having a bespoke engagement ring created which can be cheaper than some of the off the shelf rings that are available, and you get something that is unique and personal.

Make A Decision

Once you have made your decision, be confident that you have chosen the right ring and start to get prepared to ask the big question. If you can propose in such a manner that she is swept off of her feet, then it may not matter what the rings looks like as she will certainly say yes. Put as much thought and planning into your proposal as you did into buying the ring and you can sweep your darling off their feet and ensure that their answer is yes, and you will get to plan your wedding together.

How To Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Its Best

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sparkling engagement ring, and for most people it’s one of the most special pieces of jewelry that they will ever own. When it’s something you’re going to be wearing every day for many years, it’s important to keep it at it’s best.

Engagement ring

Rings such as Tacori engagement rings and other quality brands won’t need masses of maintenance. This is because genuine diamonds don’t scratch, and good quality metals don’t tarnish. However any piece of jewellery can start to look dull over time without the right care. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make your engagement ring look shiny and new again.

Know When To Remove It

There are times when you should remove your engagement ring to keep it at its best. These include when you’re cleaning and coming into contact with harsh chemicals. When you’re at the gym, when you’re swimming and if you’re generally getting messy. This could involve times when you’re using your hands during cooking or baking. It’s good practice to remove jewelry when you’re doing this anyway for hygiene reasons.

Don’t Pick It Up By The Stone

If you’re in good habits with removing your ring, make sure you’re putting it back on properly too. Don’t pick it up by the stone or setting, as it could cause it to become loose or break. Instead, pick it up by the metal band, and don’t push it back onto your finger using the stone as leverage.

Store It When You’re Not Wearing It

It’s no good taking your ring off to protect it, but then leaving it on the side of a wet sink or on a dusty surface. Even worse would be if you leave it somewhere that it can get lost, stolen or accidently thrown away. If for example, you’re going to the gym, take your ring off at home and put it in a jewelry box rather than into your bag in your gym locker. If you know you’re spending the day cleaning, take it off and store it somewhere safe rather than just leaving it mindlessly on a counter.

Remove Any Grease or Grime Buildup

Even if you’re careful with your engagement ring, it will eventually accumulate grime and dirt over time which can cause it to look dull. If it’s particularly bad, it can be worth taking it to jewellers and having it cleaned professionally, so you’re not causing any damage. Minor grime buildup can be cleaned by making a solution of warm water and dish soap. Soak the ring for around half an hour before gently brushing the stone with a very soft bristled toothbrush. Rinse it under warm running water and examine the stone carefully. If it still looks dirty, go through the process again. Take care and only clean it gently. While you’re not going to scratch a genuine diamond, you can certainly scratch the metal setting. And if your ring is made of another gemstone it’s likely to be scratched fairly easily so just be gentle with it.

Polish The Band

Being a soft metal, gold can develop minor scratches over time which take the look of it’s shine. Carefully polishing it up can make it look gleaming and new again. You can do this using a polishing cloth which you can buy at jewelry stores.


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